DBStudio is a powerful database front-end targeted at application developers. It provides easy-to-use, intuitive access to the database objects and data through industry standard access protocols.


Whether your application uses Sybase, SQL Server or Oracle, you can now connect to the database using a single client application.


DBStudio uses Microsoft ADO technology, so you can connect to any database for which you have an OLEDB or ODBC driver installed.




Key Features *

        Connect to heterogeneous databases in common fashion

        Browse database objects

        Create and run SQL queries

        Export query results

        Manage user privileges

        Monitor database activity




System Requirements

        Minimum configuration is Pentium II processor with 32 megabytes (MB) of RAM with Microsoft Windows 95/98, ME, NT, 2000 or XP

        Client Drivers to connect to chosen database


Contact us

DBStudio is an Open Source project. See the Sourceforge DBStudio project page for further information.



* Features may vary between database and provider


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